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Food Shippers of America and FTR Announce Partnership to Advance Transportation Industry Information Access

by Staff, on Mar 8, 2023 9:54:34 AM


BLOOMINGTON, Ind. – March 8, 2023 – Food Shippers of America (FSA) and FTR, a leading transportation intelligence company, announced a new partnership aimed at advancing sharing of relevant transportation industry information among FSA members. The partnership will focus on providing valuable insights and resources to help FSA members optimize their supply chains, improve efficiency, and reduce costs.

"We are thrilled to partner with FTR and bring their deep expertise and data-driven information to our members," said Paul Newbourne, Executive Director of Food Shippers of America. "As an organization that represents the interests of the food shipping industry, we are constantly looking for ways to help our members improve their operations and improve their supply chains. This partnership with FTR is a natural fit, as both organizations share a commitment to innovation and excellence."

The partnership will include FSA member access to FTR's transportation intelligence tools and resources, as well as regular updates on market trends and regulatory changes that impact the industry. FSA members will also have the opportunity to participate in webinars and other educational events that provide insights into best practices and emerging trends in transportation. 

"Partnering with Food Shippers of America is an exciting opportunity for FTR to expand our reach and provide valuable insights to a critical sector of the transportation industry," said Jonathan Starks, CEO of FTR. "We look forward to working with FSA members to help them optimize their operations and navigate the complex landscape of transportation."

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Food Shippers of America is a non-profit organization that represents the interests of the food shipping industry. Serving over 400 members, FSA provides educational resources and networking opportunities on behalf of its members.

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FTR is a leading transportation intelligence company that provides market analysis and forecasting to clients in the transportation industry. With over 40 years of experience, FTR is trusted by leading companies across the transportation industry.

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