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The Pickle Juice Company

by Bahr Transportation | Sponsored Content, on Feb 8, 2022 9:55:15 AM

Your host Andy Bahr interviews Filip Keuppens, VP of Global Sales and Marketing for The Pickle Juice Company, based in Mesquite, Texas. The Pickle Juice Company has been around since 2001 and is dedicated to helping people succeed in their activities of choice. Pickle Juice has been proven to hydrate you and stop muscle cramps in your tracks. 

What is Pickle Juice?

Keuppens joined The Pickle Juice Company in 2015, right at the beginning of their rebranding and relaunching initiative. Over the last five years, The Pickle Juice Company has grown exponentially from 500 distribution points locally to over 10,000. It has expanded to global reaches with offices in Australia, South Africa, and soon Europe. 

The Pickle Juice Company has partnered with sports franchises worldwide to help athletes perform their best and stop muscle cramps before they get out of hand. Designed for the athletic community and the general community for anyone who gets muscle cramps. 

Keuppens touches on Pickle Juice's origins and how it doesn't actually have anything to do with pickles or pickle brine. The product is a proprietary grain of acetic acid to interrupt the nerve signals that cause muscle cramping. "The term Pickle Juice was kind of something we came up with because it's a unique approach. We're developing highly functional products that are considered foods rather than medicines or supplements, so we needed to create a very unintimidating familiar go-to-market strategy. So we based the product branding around what the consumer experience would be similar to, and then you know, we came up with the name Pickle Juice." 

They've built their brand not on paid advertisements or media, but they rely on their partnerships with nonprofits, brand ambassadors, and word of mouth, and they were able to get their product into the hands of the people that need it. The product's effectiveness speaks for itself in showing successes when they get it in the hands of athletes doing ultra-marathons or tough competitions. 

What's next?

The Pickle Juice company's next step is to become more of a functional products company rather than just Pickle Juice. A few products are ready for market now that they have the new space they are moving into, and capacity issues are resolved. Soon, The Pickle Juice Company will be moving into the CBD space with a stronger and cleaner product than anything on the market and more affordable. The plan is to enter the space aggressively with a product that they're sure will successfully capture a good portion of that market share. 

To learn more about Pickle Juice, look up the hashtag PickleJuice or go to the website PicklePower.com.

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