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Shipper Case Study: Digital Transformation at GWFG

by Staff, on Jun 24, 2024 12:29:48 PM

Golden-West-Food-GroupPhoto Credit: Golden West Food Group

Golden West Food Group is a manufacturer and distributor of high-quality fine foods that span a vast array of raw, cooked, fresh, and frozen products – and the markets the company serves are varied. GWFG’s packaged goods can be found in more than 25,000 major retailers. The company’s private label capabilities involve working closely with customers of all sizes to realize their retail product visions—from ingredients and cuts to packaging and label design. In food service, GWFG is a full-service food solution provider with services that range from short-order, just-in-time programs on custom, fresh-cut portioned proteins to strategic transport of more than 10,000 other products.

GWFG ships worldwide 365 days a year, and operates distribution centers throughout the United States and in key regions around the globe to service restaurants, distributors, casinos, resorts, theme parks, the U.S. military, and more.

Such a complex range of markets and capabilities comes with a complex range of supply chain challenges and opportunities, according to Layne Fletcher, Vice President of Logistics & Supply Chain.

Layne-Fletcher“Our supply chain is very complex and time sensitive on a global perspective,” says Fletcher. “There are a lot of challenges and risks to manage.” Some of his biggest pain points include managing on-time, in-full metrics and minimizing OTIF fines, actionable distribution of goods, and overbooked and overworked staff personnel in his supply chain operations.

“And now that drivers sometimes aren’t allowed on the dock due to safety issues, verification of what’s on the truck has become more difficult,” he adds. “We’re finding that OSDR reports involving overages, shortages, and damages are up significantly since the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Because of these challenges and more, GWFG is focusing heavily on digital transformation of its complex supply chain. “We are heavily investing in technology to provide real-time visibility on shipment temperature and location,” says Fletcher. “But this investment is well worth the expense – especially when you consider the value and potential fines on a single food shipment that can be worth $200,000, for example.”

“We’re now investing in technology with a particular focus on the cold chain,” he continues. “We’re currently working to integrate our multiple TMS systems to help manage these risks downstream to have visibility of any types of issues that arise. In addition, our digital transformation is helping our customers to ensure everything is in compliance all the way to their store. Digital transformation initiatives can have a positive impact on risk management, efficiencies, and customer service – all areas we are highly focused on.”

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